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Custom Web Design

At kaleidaweb, all custom web design projects use Divi by Elegant Themes as the base theme. Divi is a WordPress theme and one of the most popular WordPress Themes in the world which uses Ultimate Visual Page Builder.

Whenever you need to make modifications to any WordPress theme, it is best practice to create a child theme that inherits the design and functionality of that parent theme, and we implement a custom child theme with each design we create.

One important reason to create a child theme is to preserve the modifications made when updating the parent theme. Whenever we update Divi, all of the theme files are updated so if we have made any changes to these files, those changes will be erased. So, instead of modifying Divi’s theme files directly, we create additional theme files within a child theme so that when Divi is updated, those child theme files remain unchanged.

All advanced customizations to your theme like modifying page templates and/or adding large amounts of CSS/JavaScript, and/or adding new functions, we make these changes to your child theme without ever having to touch the parent theme files.

kaleidaweb design + maintenance

Once your design is underway, you’ll have a unique URL right here on kaleidaweb.dev to see the work in progress and give feedback!